Real Results

"I'm sure the page isn't long enough for you to hear my true love for Ms. Taylor. I came to Ms. Taylor with a rambunctious, Autistic, ADHD super-powered seven-year old and she MUST be a magician! My son SHOULD be in a special needs class but Ms. Taylor showed me she was immediately up for the challenge and together with structure, kong conversations, tips and tools for each other, etc.. my big little guy made it through his FIRST full year of school and now tutoring ahead of time will help my super hero to become even more confident and always ahead. I'm grateful for what Ms. Taylor does for my son. Are there other teachers out there??? Sure!!! But the real question is.... can you find another teacher to love your baby the way Ms. Taylor loves??? The answer is NO. Her loves comes unmatched and with irreplaceable wisdom and encouragement. Make thee best decision for your son or daughter and choose Ms. Taylor, she does NOT disappoint." Marie Ali- 1st Grader
"Our family is so blessed to have had you as Saleem's teacher! Thank you for your commitment, care, & confidence in your scholars!" The Jones Family
"Thank you for being consistently patient when it came to teaching my sons. They've learned to read and write much better with your help. They love you and they couldn't have had a better teacher" Donyelle 1st and 2nd Grade sons 
"Tutoring has truly been a joy and great impact on my schlors learning.  Ms. Ericka has made phonics fun. Now my scholar looks forward to the weekly  sessions. We signed up for 4 sessions to see what was needed and if this was a good fit for my scholar. It definitely was, I signed up for more sessions because I could visible see the growth and improvement in my scholars learning.  Ms. Ericka quickly knew what my scholar was missing in phonics and gave us resources to do while at home so that we can be prepared. We will continue to use Ms. Erica services as we prepare for 3rd grade." Trenise Truett- 3rd Grader
"I am very pleased with her progress and am proud of how she has grown throughout the year. I have noticed great improvement since you have had her with a tutor." Teacher of a 3rd grade client
"I'm still so very proud of her she had a huge gap and u two closed it soooooo much.... you were patent with me and her and that's alot." Dontriss Collins - 3rd grader
"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been a blessing to my family. The extra help and extra push you provide make learning so much better. You not only helped them but me as well with one less thing I have to stress about. We couldn't have done it without you so that you so much" Torrie Wimberly- 2nd & 5th graders
"Today I was my first time seeing her read, I am extremely happy seeing her blossom like that. Thank you so much! THANK YOU! I am so blessed that Trenise referred me to you cause I thought this would be easy you know like teaching her sign language and incorporate in her learning. It just wasn't working. Yesterday you pointed out stuff she needed to work on that I didn't even know she was struggling with! I appreciate your guidance for both of us! I know it only been two days but I am more than satisfied, I don’t even know the word for it. Thank you so much! My baby is reading 😭😭😭!" Destiny O'Connor- homeschooling preschooler 

"My daughter was struggling in school coming from a charter school going into a Willoughby public school so I posted a status on Instagram and a couple of my friends responded with Ericka Taylor who tutored their children. So, I looked into her website and did my research and I seen that she specialized in teaching children who have difficulty with learning. Since Madison started tutoring her grades have improved as she got the confidence she needed to keep up with the rest of the class. I’m so grateful to have found Ericka as she continue to learn Madison style of learning and continue to help her grow academically." Cierea Watkins- 3rd grader

"Ms. Ericka was referred to me by another tutor in the mist of COVID. This was the first time I have ever hired a tutor. I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I knew was I didn’t want my 2 young sons, 11 and 8 to fall behind. After virtually meeting with Ms. Ericka and discussing my sons challenges, I knew she was the one. Ms. Ericka is amazing!! She loves to teach my boys and assist them with their homework (simultaneously through Zoom) black boys. It’s rare to come across a teacher who specializes in pouring into OUR children." Koi Mullins- 3rd & 6th graders 

"1.Your are an black educator and you are patient with your craft...
2. Your personality was very open and warm at first encounter....
I stayed because I appreciate your educational support for camille growth. Her mathematical skills has improved and reading and comprehension..." Kina Crowder-5th grader

"Ericka has been tutoring my son for over a year. She taught him how to read and played a major role in helping him pass the 3rd grade test. She also plays a part in boosting my son's self esteem and self-confidence. It brings tears to my eyes when I think of where my son started and where he is today. Ericka is a blessing to our family." Dametria Bush- 4th grader

"I work a lot so during the week I might only feel like helping with homework and not doing the extra stuff so we send him to tutoring. I HIGHLY recommend E. Denise Tutoring Services, she is helping my son get where he needs to be and beyond!!" Dom Jones- 3rd grader

"Ericka is a great tutor.  My daughter worked with her as she struggled with 8th grade math.  My daughter didn't do well in math in 6th and 7th grades and by the 8th grade her lack of knowledge caught up with her.  Ericka was able to connect with my daughter on a personal level, which helped her get beyond her anxiety about math and be able to focus on the strategies that Ericka provided.  Her test scores improved, but more importantly, her confidence in math improved.  I would recommend Ericka as a tutor to anyone who has a child who struggles with math." Joy Johnson- 8th grader 

"Trevor started with Ericka during the summer of 2019 at the time he was considered a beginning/middle of the year second grader. He was promoted to 3rd grade due to IEP supports and accommodations. Trevor returned to school after intensive tutoring with Ms. Ericka and had grown to end of the year 2nd grade. We are very pleased with the success that Trevor was able to accomplish in a short time. We look forward to returning to her before the end of the year. Trevor's confidence grew as well as his ability to read more independently. Ms. Ericka worked well with Trevor's speech and reading deficits, read his IEP, adapted to his specific needs, and built a positive rapport. Thank you Ms. Ericka for your dedication and realist attitude when it comes to learning." Rashal Jones- 3rd grader